Island TEFL Locations

In addition to our main, flagship, Island TEFL training Center located on Koh Samui we have other Island TEFL locations in Thailand: Bangkok, Koh Phangan and Phuket offering the same high quality Package A and B opportunities that are currently offered at Island TEFL Koh Samui.  Package C is currently offered at Island TEFL Koh Samui and Phuket.

Students who opt to enroll in the Package B program will soon have the opportunity of undertaking their one month TEFL training course at one location and completing their one month volunteer placement at the same or a different Island TEFL location.

When photographs of the additional Island Training centers and facilities become available we will post them on our website. We are now taking bookings for these locations, feel free to contact us for any additional information that you may require.

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Koh Samui



Bali, Indonesia

Barcelona, Spain

Paris, France