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Welcome to Bangkok. Acknowledged as one of the most cosmopolitan, exciting and vibrant cities in the world, Bangkok boasts delicious cuisine, ancient temples, magnificent palaces, exciting night-life, glitzy shopping malls, fascinating museums and an amazing array of unique cultural experiences. Bangkok is unlike any other city on the planet.

Gaining your TEFL/TESOL certification in Bangkok may change your life forever. Not only will it be your ticket to a high profile teaching placement, but you will gain amazing life experience in the process


Island TEFL, Bangkok, offers an outstanding opportunity to earn your new TESOL/TEFL Certification in this wonderful city. Our Bangkok training centre is state of the art, equipped with a library, WiFi, photocopiers, laminators, portable white boards and other teaching resources.

In Bangkok, we are partnered with the Hope Academy. The school is licensed and fully approved by the Thai Ministry of Education and the Thai Department of Labour. We work in close collaboration with the MOE to bring EFL/ESL teachers and teachers of other subjects, to schools throughout Thailand. Our Director of Studies is an Oxford University graduate with a background of seven years teaching experience at the British Council.

Island TEFL, & Hope Academy, Bangkok, Contact Information
Hope Academy & Combined IslandTEFL Training Centre
471/25-26 Ratchawitee Road
Payathai, Kead Ratchatewee
Victory Monument
Bangkok, Thailand 10400

Call: 022457046 (Ask for Victor or Mylene)

The Island TEFL school and training centre in Bangkok are conveniently located within a five minute walk from the Victory Monument, BTS Skytrain station, which is only 5 minutes from Siam the commercial heart of Bangkok.

Exit the station at the north end (Exit 4) and walk along the main walkway towards Victory Monument itself, a large roundabout area with a tall column in the middle. Walk halfway around on the right side and then descend from the walkway onto Ratchawithi Road. Continue for about 300 metres. Hope Academy is down the third Soi (lane) on the left. Please see the map below.


Where will you be staying during your Island TEFL training course?

With our training centre within 5 minutes walking distance from Victory Monument BTS Skytrain station, which itself is only 10 minutes from the heart of the city and the Siam commercial area, your accommodation choices are almost unlimited. To help in the selection of the accommodation that suits you best, however, you may want to consider the following:

Many of our students opt to stay in the Silom area or near National Stadium. Here are some options for you:

A-One Inn offers a single room rate of 980 baht with a two-bed twin room rate of 1,280 baht. A 10-night stay results in a 15% discount. The hotel has a website with more information (including photos) that can be found at

Another hotel on the same short street is Muangphol Mansion. It offers a twin room that can be shared by two people for a rate of 1,280 baht a night. The hotel offers a 10% discount per week, reducing the room rate to 576 baht per night for two people. The hotel has a website with more information (including photos) that can be found at

A third option on the same street is Wendy House. Although the current twin room rate is 1,450 baht per night, a 20% discount is offered for a two-week stay. For two people, your rate per person is 580 baht per night. The hotel has a website with more information (including photos) that can be found at

Yet another choice on the same street is White Lodge. The room rates listed for a single were 650 baht per day with a weekly discount of 3%, a semi-monthly discount of 5% and a monthly discount of 10%. A twin room with two beds had a daily rate of 800 baht with the same percentage discounts and a triple room had a daily rate of 1050 baht with the same percentage discounts. The hotel does not have a website, but can be reached at (662) 216-8867, (662) 216-8867, (662) 216-8867, (662) 216-8867 FREE, 215-3041 or by fax at (662) 216-8228. This and HQ Hostel, discussed below, are the more basic options discussed here.

Another option is is HQ Hostel. With 4 to 10 people per room, this hostel offers nightly prices from 350 baht to 599 baht. Its website can be found at
All room rates listed for each of the hotels are current as of July, 2013.

However, for the cheapest budget hotels the best area is to try is the Khao San Road area, famous for its backpackers. It is extremely atmospheric and is also where part of the movie “The Beach” was filmed. There is a whole plethora of places to stay at there here and all at very cheap prices. It is near the Chao Praya river, one of the most important attractions of Bangkok, as well as Democracy Monument and a whole host of other interesting places. It is relatively easy to get from there to Victory Monument by either bus or canal. The 511 bus will drop you off just outside Ratchatewi BTS station, which is only two stops from Victory Monument. The canal route, which always beats the traffic jams, similarly has a stop near Ratchatewi BTS station

On the other hand, if you want to go a little more upmarket, an excellent option is the Suda Palace Hotel, which is close to Saphan Kwai BTS station, only three stops to the north of Victory Monument itself. It is also located near to the famous Chatuchak market and park. Double rooms go at 890 baht per night, or 595 baht if you decide to share. Their website is

Additional information about the area can be found at

TEFL Course Dates for Bangkok


3 Week, 120 Hour
TEFL/TESOL Certification
4 Week, 150 Hour
06th JAN - 24th JAN
03rd FEB – 21st FEB
03rd MAR – 21st MAR*
24th MAR – 11th APR
7th April - 25th April
05th May – 23rd MAY
02nd June – 20th JUN
01st July – 19th JUL
04th Aug – 22nd AUG
01st SEP – 19th SEP*
29th SEP – 17th OCT*
20th OCT – 07th NOV*
17th NOV – 05th DEC
15th DEC – 02nd JAN
27th – 28th JAN
24th – 28th FEB
14th – 18th APR
05th – 09th MAY
26th – 30th MAY
23rd – 27th JUN
21st – 25th JUL
25th – 29th AUG
21st – 26th SEP
10th – 14th NOV
08th – 12th DEC
05th – 09th JAN

* Volunteer placements only available in resorts, hotels and other businesses due to schools being in, or going into, holiday session.


Full Moon Party
Koh Phangan 2014

THU, 16th JAN
SAT, 15th FEB
MON, 17th MAR
MON, 14th APR
WED, 14th MAY
TUE, 12th JUN
SAT, 13th JUL
SUN, 10th AUG
MON, 08th SEP
FRI, 10th OCT
THU, 06th NOV
SAT, 06th DEC