Introduction to TEFL Course / TESOL Course

The Island TEFL 3-week TEFL/TESOL Certification course has a very practical emphasis and deals primarily with the real skills and knowledge needed by teachers in the EFL/ESL classroom.

In just 3 weeks, you will graduate as a qualified TEFL teacher, equipped with the skills, knowledge and practical teaching experience necessary for you to start your new EFL/ESL career anywhere in the world!

Trainees on our courses receive observed teaching practice covering young learners, adult and one-to-one levels, and peer observation. These added features, are more than most other TEFL or TESOL courses offer. (Our graduates can also receive a 120 Hour TESOL certificate which is notarized and issued from the U.S.A. and is backed by the accreditation of renowned global institutions).


Island TEFL's certification course is conducted over a 3-week period, Monday to Friday of each week. Weekends are generally left open to travel, enjoy the many local attractions or just relax.


Our TEFL certificate course is divided into six main areas:

1. Teaching Techniques
This component of the TEFL course covers areas such as:
Lesson planning
Classroom management
Approaches to language learning
Teaching vocabulary
Teaching grammar
Reading and writing activities
Creative Writing activities
Pronunciation activities
Speaking and listening activities
Warmers and modelling
Controlled practice
Language in context
Textbook review and evaluation
Games and songs in the classroom
Classroom discipline
Teaching beginners
Teaching advanced students
Teaching adults
Teaching individual students (tutoring)
Teaching young learners
Teaching Business English
Correction techniques
Creating materials
EFL/ESL terminology
C.V. Design for your ESL/EFL Career
Interviewing Role playing

2. Language Awareness
Grammar - Covers parts of speech, simple sentence elements, phrases and clauses.
Phonology - Covers phonetics, word stress and intonation, rhythm and intonation, sentence stress and intonation, connected speech, problems for EFL/ESL learners.

3. Teaching Practice & Observation
This is the most practical and fundamental aspect of any TEFL/TESOL course. Island TEFL trainees conduct 6 observed teaching practices, covering young learners and adult students. One-to-one tutoring is also covered in the 4 week period. All teaching practices are conducted with local Thai students, which makes the experience authentic and rewarding.

Our fully qualified trainers will guide you through the process of planning, preparation, delivery and reflection, and will provide you with constructive feedback (both written and oral) on your performance.

4. Materials Project
All trainees must develop and submit two sets of self-produced teaching materials used during their teaching practices. The materials may include flashcards, class handouts or worksheets. Trainees are required to develop original materials. During the last week of the course, you will be asked to present your teaching materials, explain how they were used, how they could be improved, and how they might be used in another context.

5. Assignments
Trainees are required to complete two written assignments covering aspects of the TEFL course. Our schedule allows for individual study/preparation time, and our trainers are here to guide and assist.

A grammar/phonology/punctuation review will also need to be completed. This review is based on material covered during the course. Pre-course study in these areas is not a requirement, however, we strongly suggest that you "brush up" on basic English grammar before beginning the TEFL course. An easy-to-understand pre-course review will be sent to you prior to the start of the course. The internet is also an excellent, free resource for researching anything related to EFL/ESL teaching.

6. Business English for ESL/EFL. Please note that Island TEFL has been selected to provide Business ESL/EFL instruction for the International School of Tourism (Part of Surat Thani's Rajabaht University, Chaweng) as well as numerous leading resorts and hotels on Koh Samui Island. The Business English for ESL/EFL component is so popular with our students we have also added a 20 hour certificate, supplemental course covering this topic. In the 3-Week, 120 hour TESOL/TEFL course you will learn about the theoretical and practical aspects required to design a tailor made, industry-specific course for individual companies or private students. This knowledge, along with our practical assistance and assignments, will equip you with the tools to teach Business English within the tourism as well as other industry sectors. This is the fastest growing and most lucrative market for ESL/EFL instruction. This course component is ideal for TESOL/TEFL teachers who wish to supplement their earnings with private students or those that choose to specialize within a business environment.

There is no final examination. Assessment is ongoing throughout the TEFL course and is based on the following areas:

Completion of Assignments and Grammar/Phonology/Punctuation Reviews
Successful Completion of Teaching Practices
Completion of Teaching Materials Project
Completion of 1-1 Tutoring Project
Active Participation in Class and Work Groups
Professional Attitude, Preparedness and Behaviour
Trainees must obtain at least a 70% overall grade in order to pass.