Welcome Package

“Greet, Meet, Immersion, Excursion.”

“When traveling so far to start my Island TEFL course, I felt both excited and nervous at the same time. Excited, to gain the necessary training to begin a new career, to experience the beauty of exotic Thailand and its magical culture. Nervous, at the prospect of what may or may not happen upon arrival in Thailand. What if I couldn’t find the resort or the Island TEFL training center? How would I find my fellow students or the teaching staff? My head began to spin.

I recommend to every student planning to do an Island TEFL training course that the Welcome Package is an absolute must! Not only will it take away any misplaced fears and apprehensions that you may have, it is also educational and fun. It makes for the smoothest of transitions into the actual TEFL course.”
Danielle Cryer

After gaining feedback from current and former Island TEFL students it became apparent to us that the majority of our students experienced the same feelings of excitement and nervousness that Danielle so aptly describes. Acting upon this, we decided to offer to all students the following “Greet, Meet, Immersion, Excursion Welcome Package.”

After you arrive on the Island we will reimburse you for your transfer from that location to the resort location where most of your fellow students will be staying over the next one to two months.

At the resort you will be greeted by a friendly Island TEFL representative, Khun Warunya Dunne (pictured above) who will assist you with your check in. You will receive a welcoming drink, a folder with invaluable information about things to do and see on the island along with discount coupons for various services that you may require during your stay. You will also receive a certificate that entitles you to a free one hour Thai massage. This is the perfect way to unwind and relax from your trip.

On the Friday evening before your course starts you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with your fellow students and course trainers at a cocktail reception. You will also experience an all you can eat Thai style bar-b-q. This is the perfect ice breaker. This event is hosted by Philip and Warunya Dunne.

Saturday morning you will be picked up and taken to the Island TEFL training center. You will spend about two hours there. Khun Warunya Dunne, will teach you about Thai language, customs, culture, religion, history, festivals and cuisine. We will provide tea, coffee, soft drinks and goodies.

At lunch time on Saturday, accompanied by our Thai chef, we will visit a local, fresh produce, market and our Thai Chef will select a variety of delicious Thai ingredients. Upon returning to the center our cooking staff will put on a cooking demonstration and you will learn to cook some Thai dishes. We will all dine and enjoy together.

After lunch we head to the beach where you can swim in the refreshing , clear blue water or chill out and relax in the warm sun under the shade of a coconut tree. After that it's back to your resort where you can kick back and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

We will see you again Monday morning at the commencement of your course. The normal cost of the welcome package is only 7,500 Thai Baht (about 150 GBP or $225 U.S. but you can receive a discount of 33% if you sign up for this package at the same time you book your Island TEFL course, so the cost is a mere 5,000 Thai Baht (about 99 GBP or $149 U.S.)